Facial Threading

Facial Threading

Evacuate humiliating facial hair and enhance certainty with our attentive facial threading administrations.

Our master threaders are not just the eyebrow specialists; they are likewise prepared to evacuate any undesirable facial hair. We can tenderly and viably expel hair from facial fluff to dull hairs projecting from moles.

The points of interest to facial threading are:

  • Cosmetics will go on smoother as your skin will be free from even fine hairs.
  • No synthetic concoctions are connected to the skin. Facial threading is gentler on the skin than other hair evacuation methods.
  • Threading is 100% characteristic &hygienic. The cotton utilized is an antibacterial string and discarded after each utilization.
  • Facial Threading expels the whole follicles and result can last up to about a month and a half.
  • The procedure is a lot snappier than in tweezing or waxing.
Areas of the face we are able to thread include:

Upper Lip
Full Face