Facial Threading

Expel humiliating facial hair and enhance certainty with our prudent facial threading administrations.

Our master threaders are not just the eyebrow specialists; they are additionally prepared to expel any undesirable facial hair. We can delicately and adequately expel hair from facial fluff to dull hairs jutting from moles.

Brow and Lash tint

Tinting will upgrade your normal eyebrows and eyelashes making an additionally astonishing look. A decent eyebrow tint will help characterize the temples shape and normally outline your face.

Eyebrow Threading

Get the exact brows as you have constantly envisioned of. Threading is a characteristic system of hair evacuation. A wound cotton string is utilized to expel the hair from the follicle without harming any layers of the skin.

Lash Lift and Tint

Do you need your eyes to POP? We have the responsibility for you… Lash Lifting is one of the most recent administrations we have added to our Eyebrow Shape stands!!